Around the computer is an ideal place to advertise, to create focus on your organization or
company. There are a lot of hours spent behind the pc by very many people.

Computer accessoires

Computer accessoires

Different choices of accessories for your computer and / or laptop. Special for daily use.

Activity Trackers

Activity Trackers

Activity trackers register all your exercise activities during jogging and many other sports.

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8,000 mAh 5W wireless type C power bank, white

Product no.: X324.923

This power bank uses the latest technologies in charging: type C and wireless. The power bank has an 8,000 mAh lithium battery

38.10 *
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Delivery weight: 115 g


Product no.: 907777
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Price from 25.00 *
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Delivery weight: 20 g

Weather Station Piet

Product no.: 5383
Piet station is a station with a weatherman who predicts the weather by the 22 clothing variations.
42.60 *
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Delivery weight: 450 g

Clock Pilot

Product no.: 6450

Pilot wall clock, wall clock radio has a sleek, modern wall clock that fits into any interior.

26.30 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 610 g

Whirl Alarm Clock Radio, Silver

Product no.: F10823700
Whirl Alarm Clock Radio. The Whirl packs a Bluetooth speaker, dual alarm clock and FM Radio all into one device. Sync to your favourite musi
75.50 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 890 g

DAB alarm clock radio, solid black

Product no.: F10827200

DAB alarm clock radio. Portable DAB/FM Radio featuring on-screen text information, station pre-sets, auto channel scan

46.99 *
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Delivery weight: 250 g


Product no.: X269.130
1.16 *
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Delivery weight: 19 g


Product no.: X279.201
26.25 *
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Delivery weight: 157 g


Product no.: X314.103
34.95 *
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Delivery weight: 30 g


Product no.: X513.961
6.63 *
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Delivery weight: 110 g


Product no.: X513.964
6.63 *
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Product no.: X513.965
6.63 *
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Product no.: X513.967
6.63 *
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Delivery weight: 110 g


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