Printing at a glance

Pad printing

An inexpensive way to print articles with a smaller plane and an irregular shape, round or hollow, can be printed. Your logo is first a movie and then made a cliché. This cliché with ink. A deformable, silicone stamp (tampon) picks up the ink and prints on the print product. With a "tampon" can round, sharp bevels or printed. By using different pad shapes is possible to print various forms. Each color is a tampon. Pad printing is used in the printing of pens, clocks, calculators and various other items.


A technique that is ideal for larger printing surfaces such as umbrellas or textiles. Also curves like pens can be screen printed. After making of the film, is a template, the screen window, illuminated with UV light. The unexposed areas are washed with water and make the logo on the screen open. The printable product is put under the screen frame and with a squeegee the ink is applied through the screen on the product. Full Color is a possibility. For textiles may take up to 14 colors screenprinted. In most cases, the screen printing method applied to textiles, umbrellas, sports bags and flat plastic products such as lighters.

Laser engraving

Especially suitable for metal articles with a logo. Add a personal touch such as a name on a pen or pencil case. Glass, wood and plastic may well be engraved.

Ceramics Printing

On mugs and plates are used depending on the key motive. Logos, text, even color pictures are possible. Ceramic inks are burnt into the glaze to get a lasting imprint. By burning color variations may arise that can not be avoided! Not all colors are available in ceramic inks. PMS colors on ceramics are approximate.


A technique used to leather and imitation leather such as wallets and folders with a text or logo. Using a steel film is a cliché made. By heat and pressure this cliche in the material so pressed a deeper picture.

Foil printing

The film with the aid of heat in the material printed in matte or gloss. Is mainly used on calendars.


Perfect to use textiles as caps, towels, polo shirts to provide names, logos or text or logo teksten.Uw is translated into a digital embroidery card. Embroidery is not always an exact interpretation of your logo to. For readability of letters and numbers should always have at least 5 mm in height. The logo with a computer controlled machine stitched on the product.


A technique that has become increasingly used. A sticker is provided with a 2-component epoxy coating. Doome The name comes from the curve that resembles a doome. The epoxy coating is crystal clear so that the image below not only protected, but even somewhat "enhanced". This lens gives the product an extra dimension and will scratch the printing and color-true. The sticker can be printed in full color. A very colorful logo with a great look. Doomen we see a lot of USB drives and more expensive luxury items.

What we need to be able to print?

We can digitally process the following immediately:
Files for Windows Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw from 4.0 to X7.
For example, full color printing on calendars, preferably a full-size TIFF file with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
The Artwork may be submitted in the following formats: *  Illustrator (*. ai) in *. tiff or *. eps X7 * Corel Draw (*. cdr) * All compatible with Windows PC and at least 300 dpi
Files can be sent by e-mail to or on DVD / CD-ROM (. Zip / PC compatible).
Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Quark files etc are not directly usable.
If the picture resolution is lower than our requirements, we charge Euro 80, - for artwork services.
If the artwork can not be used to produce new artwork must be supplied by you.

Common Problems

* Changing the artwork for our techniques and 4-color offset printing.
* Too low resolution. File is not used for artwork.
* Mac files instead of Windows PC
* * Incorrect format. File is not readable.

For sending artwork to do the following:

* Give the correct position of the logo
* Give the correct dimensions of the logo
* Provide the Pantone color numbers (PMS numbers)
* Ensure that the correct format (. CDR,. Eps,. Ai or. Tiff)
* If letters are used, then add them to the file or make sure that these letters are curved or vectorized.

It may be that we would still have to edit the logo because of poor quality. For this we will charge extra costs that we pass on to you first of course before we start editing.

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